ONCAP’s Experienced and Committed Investment Team

ONCAP's success is the direct result of the considerable financial expertise, creativity and dedication of the team. Collectively, the senior leadership have over 120 collective years of private equity experience and have worked together for an average of 15 years. ONCAP employs a collaborative, team-based approach to investing and places a high importance on the participation of all team members throughout the investment decision making and value creation processes. ONCAP places strong emphasis on respect, collaboration, well-being and diversity to ensure it fosters an environment that is inclusive, welcoming and intellectually stimulating. ONCAP is a team-based organization and encourages active participation from every team member in the investment decision making and value creation process. ONCAP team members invest personal capital in every operating company to ensure alignment with its Limited Partners and operating companies’ management teams.


Photo of Julie Fernandes

Julie Fernandes

Executive Assistant, Team Lead
Photo of Elise Takahashi

Elise Takahashi

Executive Assistant
Photo of Britney Bautista

Britney Bautista

Executive Assistant
Photo of Selina Johnston

Selina Johnston

Executive Assistant
Photo of Victoria O'Neill

Victoria O'Neill

Executive Assistant
Photo of Madeleine McCann

Madeleine McCann

Executive Assistant (NY)