Our Philosophy

Building Great Companies, Through the Lens of Long-Term Business Ownership

ONCAP approaches the private equity market as a long-term owner of businesses, rather than as a portfolio manager focused on shorter term investment results. ONCAP’s investment strategy is predicated on aiming to create value at each operating company over the long-term through revenue and EBITDA growth and not by financial engineering or excessive leverage. ONCAP actively supports value creation strategies and infrastructure investments which are aimed at building businesses for sustained success over the long-term, benefiting shareholders, management teams and employees.

Experienced and committed investment team

The average experience of the senior ONCAP team is 16 years. ONCAP encourages its investment professionals to be entrepreneurial and intellectually honest while embodying an ownership mindset, which we believe ensures that the ONCAP Team is fully accountable for its value creating actions and results

Disciplined and value-added investment approach

Underpinned by a rigorous investment process focused on growth and value creation allowing ONCAP to be the “partner of choice” for businesses, founders and management teams.

Longer term business ownership mentality

Multi-levered value creation blueprint focused on building differentiated businesses that thrive over the long-term, benefiting shareholders, management and employees.

Relentless commitment to ensuring "every deal counts"

Flexible and patient investment horizon focused on sustainable value creation with persistent focus on downside protection and risk mitigation efforts. 

Meaningful alignment of interests

Across Onex commitment, ONCAP investment professionals and management team partnerships.

Access to the full resources and network of Onex Corporation.

Onex is one of the oldest and most successful private equity firms and our largest investor. ONCAP is supported by finance, accounting, tax, legal, investor relations, and information technology professionals at Onex.